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Individual health insurance

Welcome back everyone. This is In today’s video we are going to review individual health insurance, the Affordable Care Act, and Obamacare. What’s the difference? What do I need to know? Individual insurance, who’s eligible? Basically anybody who’s under 65 is eligible for individual insurance. However, you have to have a special election to get it during the course of a year such as married, divorced, moving into an area or into a new area, or you can get enrolled during the open enrollment period, which is November 1st through December 15. The Affordable Care Act allows you to purchase individual insurance in one location. One can get the individual insurance through the exchange, direct from the insurance company, or from me, Medicare Matt. I would be able to help you at the same cost level as you would get it direct from the insurance company or from the exchange. The word Obamacare is just a nickname for the Affordable Care Act, named for the originator of the affordable care act. To learn more about individual health insurance, feel free to reach out to me at my website,