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My story

You know, a lot of people ask me, “How did you get involved in Medicare?” while I smile. And I think, wow, the truth is as a kid, all I wanted to do was play baseball. But that ship has sailed. It’s gone. I just didn’t get there, so I fell into other, you know, avenues. Different opportunities. And some of them were good. Some of them weren’t good. A lot of us remember the housing crash or bubble in 2007. I was working in the mortgage arena, and it changed a lot. I found myself looking for a new opportunity and I wound up going into life insurance. Well, the truth is, life insurance didn’t work out for me. It was the wrong fit. But, one day I was reading a newspaper and for those of you who know, a newspaper was a piece of paper that we used to read on a daily basis. And in that paper, I saw an ad for a Medicare salesperson or advisor; and it required the same license as a life insurance person. So, I followed up, I called them. Long story short, I got the opportunity and what I learned was every time I sat with someone to discuss Medicare, the audience, my client, my prospect, was intrigued, was listening. They were riveted by all the information that I could share with them, very different than the life insurance discussion. And it was at that moment in time that my light bulb went off, and I realized this was the spot for me. And nothing is better, as a feelgood guy, to see my clients’ expression when their light bulb goes off after saying to me, “I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know how to choose this. Please help me. I don’t want to make a mistake.” And then after fifteen minutes with them they have their “Aha!” moments. And to that they say, thank you. And that’s really how I got into this business.