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Obtaining original Medicare

Hi, I’m Today I’m going to speak to you about obtaining original Medicare. Now you are ready for Medicare. What do you have to do? What are the steps needed to get this done? First, Medicare is broken into two parts. You have Part A and you have Part B. Know that Part A is given to you at age sixty-five. Part B requires a little bit of work from you. First, it’s supposed to be given to you at sixty-five but, if not, you can call Medicare or you can call the social security office. Ask them to turn it on for you to start the first day of your birthday month in which you turn sixty-five. Once you get that done, then I will be able to explain to you what Medicare Part A and Medicare part B does for you. Let us start talking about Part A. What is Part A? Well, Part A is called your hospitalization coverage. It covers you 100% of the way and it costs nothing. It is one of the free benefits that you get from the Medicare program. What does Part A cover when they say hospitalization? Do not get too excited. It just basically means a bed, sheets and a pillow, maybe a blanket in the hospital room. Not guaranteed private. It also covers things like hospice and a few other things. Now let’s talk about Part B. Part B is called your medical coverage, commonly referred to as your doctor coverage. It is covering you at 80%. Not like the hospitalization, which is at 100%. This is only 80% and it’s not free. There is a premium associated with this, and it based on your income. We can talk about that later. These are the things that you need to know about Medicare Part A and Part B. Once you have that, that is when you need to talk to me. Whether it is a Medicare supplement or a Medicare advantage plan, please visit me at