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Short term insurance

Hello everybody. This is Matt at Did you just lose your health insurance? What are you going to do for the few months before you get your new job? Let us talk about short term insurance.

What is short term insurance? The example I usually give is you just lost your job. Or you quit your job and you’re just waiting because you’re going to start a new job in a few months. At this point you have a few options. You can join an individual health insurance plan which are awfully expensive. Or you can apply for Cobra, which as most of you know is even more expensive. The third option is called short term insurance. It is not meant to be instead of regular insurance. It is just meant to fill the short-term gap between your last employer and your future employer. These products have some limitations, but for the most part, they give you great coverage. They are not expensive and they’re worth reviewing. If you want to know more, reach out to me. I am Matt at