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What is covered under Medicare and what is not

Welcome back everybody. This is Matt at In today’s video we are going to discuss what is covered under Medicare and what is not. What is covered? Medicare covers anything that is medically necessary up to 80% of the way. Then, by law, the supplement must cover the remaining 20%. For example, you slip and fall and you bang your elbow. You go to the emergency room, and your doctor, that accepts Medicare, you will be covered. If your Doctor accepts your advantage plan, you will be covered. A second example of what should be or is covered is you when get sick. We all get sick, we catch the flu, we catch a common cold. You are going to go visit your doctor, they’re going to prescribe an antibiotic. That’s covered under Medicare and of course the supplement or the Advantage plan is too. Now, let us talk about what is not covered. An example of what is not covered would be an elective procedure. What could that be? An elective procedure could be when you are looking to augment your appearance or modify your appearance. Those procedures are not covered by Medicare. If they are not covered by Medicare, then it will not covered by the supplement or the Advantage plan. For more information on that as well as other items, feel free to reach out to me at